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 Rosana Houthuesen - Musician
 Institution Rosana Houthuesen
 Location Auckland
 Country New Zealand
 Primary function
 Classification rosana
 Speciality Violin
Notes: I’ve been teaching children to play the violin using the Suzuki method for over 26 years and I have always aimed to make the learning experience fun for them.
To this end, I decided to make some activities which parents and children can make and then use together to vary the practice from time to time, to increase motivation and deepen skills through repetition.
 Item Portfolio
     Auckland Chamber Orchestra
     Bach Musica Concert Database
     Balance the coin
     Bowing ’in the air’
     Children, Parents & Teachers
     Discovering notes...
     Handel Quire & Consort
     I’m a little Monkey
     Musica Sacra
     NZ Barok
     NZ Suzuki Institute
     Pipers Sinfonia
     Puzzle tune - Lightly Row
     Puzzle tune - Song of the Wind
     Rhythm Tiles
     Rhythm Tiles card x 2
     Set One Pack  $20.00
     Set two pack  $15.00
     Stepping Stones To Perfection
     Suzuki Violin ’Tasks’ Wheel
     Suzuki Violin Book One Review Wheel
     Suzuki Violin Book Two Review House
     The Nations NZ Barok CD  $30.00
     The Rocket Launcher
     The Violin Game
     The Violin Game  $14.50
     Using the puzzle tune for Lightly Row.
     Using the Review House
     Violin Chin Rest
     Violin Lessons - 20 Minutes  $25.00
     Violin Lessons - 30 Minutes  $35.00
     Violin Lessons - 45 Minutes  $56.00
     Violin Lessons - 60 minutes  $70.00
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