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 Suzuki Method Tuition
 Contact: Rosana Houthuesen 
 Date: August 11, 2014
 Location: Auckland
 Venue: Kingsland & Ellerslie
Suzuki method is based on the way children learn their mother-tongue naturally and easily. Practically speaking therefore, parents will be very much involved in the process, their role changing with their child’s age.

If one thinks about how the mother-tongue learning model works it will answer many of the questions about how we teach by the Suzuki method. For instance, the children need to hear (and see, if possible) what they are to learn, every day at home; a parent must learn at least the basics in order to understand and ’model’ learning and playing; much encouragement is given, even if the ’words’ don’t sound quite right at first; progress is made in very small steps with many repetitions; it is ideally a happy and non-stressful process.

     Violin Lessons - 20 Minutes  $25.00
     Violin Lessons - 30 Minutes  $35.00
     Violin Lessons - 45 Minutes  $56.00
     Violin Lessons - 60 minutes  $70.00
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